Nationwide unique oncological basis dataset of ADT/GEKID

for cancer registration after the law §65c SGB V

ADT/GEKID-Basis dataset (German) 12.02.2014
Official publication for the National Health Minstry  28.04.2014
History of updates 12.02.2014

Organ-specific additional modules 

Modul colorectal cancer Official publication 28.10.2015
Modul breast cancer Official publication 28.10.2015
Modul prostate cancer  Official publication 29.08.2017

Actual versions of data interfaces 

Content Version Documents

ADT/GEKID-Basis dataset

+ Modul colorectal carcinoma

+ Modul breast cancer

+ Modul prostate cancer

Version 2.1.1

published 13.2.2018 (2.1.0)
added 13.6.2018 (2.1.1)


XML-Scheme V2.1.1 – Version history (pdf) 13.06.2018
XML-Scheme V2.1.1 (xsd) 13.06.2018
Figure XML-scheme (pdf) 08.12.2017
Tree figure of the  XML-Scheme (txt) 08.12.2017
Additional information on the  XML-Scheme (pdf) Stand 08.12.2017
Differences to version 2.0.0 Stand 08.12.2017
Detailed information and earlier versions see page in German


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