Association of Population-based Cancer Registries in Germany (GEKID)


In January 1996 the „working group of population-based cancer registries in Germany” was founded by all German population-based cancer registries and the the federal cancer surveillance unit of the Robert-Koch-Institute. This working group was associated to the former German “Agenda for cancer control” of the German ministry of Health.

In April 2004 the working group was transformed into the „Association of Population-based Cancer Registries in Germany (GEKID)“.


It is the main task of the association to achieve a German wide methological uniformity of cancer registration standards – although there are different registration laws within the federal states in Germany. Only a German wide cooperation will assure comparable results of cancer registration. Moreover GEKID is the common contact institution for interstate questions of population-based cancer registration.


  • Contact institution for national and international cooperations and the interested public
  • Collection, preparation and publication of results of cancer registration in Germany
  • Representation of the population-based cancer registries in the context of Germany‘s National Cancer Plan
  • Information about current development of cancer registration in Germany and propagation of the aims of population-based cancer registration
  • Contributions to achive completeness of registration
  • Definition of methological standards as base of comparability between population-based cancer registries
  • Coordination of interstate registry tasks and cooperation with clinical cancer registries
  • Initiation of common research projects
  • Promotion of scientific use of cancer registry data
  • Usage of cancer registry data for quality assurance in cancer care